Name Registration - $35 Annual
Service includes: annual name registration with tech support for renewal notifications and transfers.
Our team will register client domain name in clients own name for administration contact lending client full control. Clients with pre-registered names before the construction of any website are solely responsible for annual renewals of their own domains.

Important for Name Registration
When the name registration is not paid on time to the registry the name goes into what is called a "redemption period" (there may be a penalty fee paid from provider for renewal + name registration fee). While the name is disengaged the site automatically shuts down. Once the name is paid to the registry the site comes back up thus imperative to keeping watch of your emails from your domain company for renewal.

That Girl Productions Name Registration Service - Important
Rest at ease when your migrating to other services with our team. Registering names independently can cause wasted time with migrating issues unless, you don't mind spending several hours to resolve migration issues. Many registration companies make it all very easy for you to register, host, create web sites and other services with them.

The difference when our team registers a domain name is the ease in which you can migrate to other services that you will find the $35 well spent. It is your personnel choice. Beware of the consequences on the tail end of your experience. Important for all registration: Always register your domain name in your name and pay attention to emails from your registration source. Basic Restriction by most registrars for redemption period status, expired domains Administration -The administrative contact listed in the Whois would be advised of both the expiration and deactivation (Registrar-Lock status) by the Registrar. The new process prescribed by the Registry, however, stipulates that when a .com or .net domain name is queued for cancellation (actual Delete request submitted to the Registrar) outside of the first 5 days of registration or when day 30 after the expiration date has been reached, it will now be placed immediately on Redemption Period status for 30 days. During this 30-day period, a domain name may be reinstated to the Registrar and the original Registrant, provided the Registrar adheres to the Registry Process of restoration.

Additional restrictions and information
All other domain name requests will fail if the domain name is in the "RedemptionPeriod" status. The modification or deletion of a name server whose parent domain name is on "RedemptionPeriod" status will also fail. If a domain name is not restored within the 30 days, the domain name is held for an additional 5 days and then subsequently deleted and released back into the public arena or held by the Registrar for Sale! The applicable Registry operator, such as VeriSign, will not publish domain names on "RedemptionPeriod" status to the zone file.

Restoring a Domain Name
Restoring a domain name in the "RedemptionPeriod status" should take place directly with the Registrar. Registrar Restoration fees are subject to each domain name with protocol for reinstatement.
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